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Ownership Disclosure

We are the Physician Owners of the Center, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you. We recognize that you have the right to choose the provider of your healthcare services. We are pleased that you have chosen the Surgical Specialty Center of Minnesota.

  • Dr. Andrew Harrison
  • Dr. Sundeep Dev
  • Dr. Will Parke
  • Dr. Robert Mittra
  • Dr. John Engman
  • Dr. Judy Sperling
  • Dr. Ilya Perepelitsyn
  • Dr. John Boone
  • Dr. Karin Evan
  • Dr. Nissim Khabie
  • Dr. Lisa Posey
  • Dr. Nathan Johnson
  • Dr. Robert Silver
  • Dr. Gregory Barth
  • Dr. Darren McDonald
  • Dr. Brian Drew
  • Dr. Nathan Schularick
  • Dr. Micah Berman
  • Dr. Justin Wudel
  • Dr. Geoffrey Getnick
  • Dr. Jess Boysen
  • Dr. David Williams
  • Dr. Ed Ryan
  • Dr. Abdhish Bhavsar
  • Dr. Vaughn Emerson
  • Dr. Yvegeniy Sychev
  • Dr. Candace Sabers
  • Dr. John Davies
  • Dr. Polly Quiram
  • Dr. Geoff Emerson
  • Dr. Jacob Jones